Community Kid's Calendar

Invitation to Participate™


Alignment Bay County (ABC) is a county wide volunteer organization which seeks to better align community resources in order to support the success of our youth from birth to career.  Part of the ABC system is small working groups called A-Teams, which develops plans to fill gaps in service delivery.  The Early Learning A-team has developed a plan to provide a community Kid’s Calendar, targeted at reaching the families of young children.  This will be hosted at and will be a comprehensive calendar that is easy for families to access to see events posted throughout the year that are appropriate for young children and their families.  

About the Initiative

What is an ITP?  It is simply an invitation to participate in the calendar project.  The primary outcomes anticipated for this project are:  an increased awareness overall of activities and offerings for children in our area, increased participation in events by families of young children, partnership with community organizations to agree to commit staff for posting events to the calendar and increased civic-community-family involvement in the healthy development of young children

How You Can Help

We are seeking organizations who host events that would be of interest to families of small children and who would be willing to post their events and track their participation on a common community calendar site.  Each organization would need to enter into a simple Memorandum of Understanding, to register as a Google user for the Kid’s Calendar account, and be willing and post their events and participation data throughout the year.  It's that simple!